Garment Care

What to Wear : Garment Care

Garment Care Instructions

Gill clothing is designed to withstand the tough environment of boating. However, like any clothing, it will last longer when cared for properly. Remember to read the instructions inside the garment before washing.

General Care

DO rinse out your waterproof clothing regularly in fresh water to remove any salt residue.
DO store garments loosely folded or hung up.
DON’T leave garments salty or damp as this encourages mildew to form which is difficult to wash out and contributes to premature deterioration of the clothing.

General Washing Instructions

DO hand wash in lukewarm water.
DO drip dry only.
DON’T use detergents containing additives or bleach.
DON’T spin or tumble dry.
DON’T dry clean.
DON’T place near heaters, open flames or fires.
DON’T use bleach.

Regular care and maintenance will help to improve performance and extend the life of your clothing which means lasting comfort and protection for you.
If your clothing gets torn or damaged we offer a comprehensive repair service.