Yellow Dot System

What to Wear : Yellow Dot System

Yellow Dot Classification System for Layer 3 Fabrics
We realise that most people are confused about fabric. There is so much technical jargon and very little explanation. In response, we have tried to simplify things by introducing a Yellow Dot Classification System for every Gill Waterproof to explain the most suitable attributes of fabrics for particular types of sailing. Don`t be fooled by the simplicity however, because we search for the most technical fabrics in the world, rigorously testing them in the field and the laboratory before assigning them a Yellow Dot Classification.

In Brief
The mid and base layers are quite versatile and will still work if worn as individual layers or as part of the 3 layer system.
It is also possible to wear two sets of base layer or an extra mid-layer if conditions are particularly extreme. The system is not meant to be used as a rigid guide, and individuals should tailor their gear to suit themselves and the conditions.
The important things to remember are:
1. Never wear cotton, particularly next to the skin
2. The base layer is the wicking layer
3. The mid layer is the insulating layer
4. The outer layer is the weather protection layer